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Terms of Service

  1. All of our products are strictly for research purposes only. Research applications are strictly prohibited in humans or animals. We do not accept any liability for how the product is used or misused after sale.
  2. Under no circumstances do we sell to minors. You must confirm your age before purchasing. If we suspect you are underage, we will ask for 2 pieces of photo identification. Attempting to order underage will result in a permanent blacklist from our website.
  3. We reserve to right to restrict sale to anyone at anytime for any reason. Due to the dangers of our chemicals, we may ask you for more information at the time of purchase. If we restrict sale to you, we will refund your order immediately. Credit card refunds can take up to seven days to show on your statement.
  4. We follow all laws under US jurisdiction. Daily monitoring of state laws is conducted to ensure we do not ship to any state where our products have been banned for research and distribution. We urge all of our customers to also conduct due diligence on their part to ensure all laws are followed by local authorities. is not responsible for any legal action taken against an entity by local law enforcement.
  5. The customer is fully responsible for safe storage of the product after receiving it from our company. Our chemicals are poisonous and must at all times be kept out of the reach of unsuspecting humans and animals. Failure to do so may result in potentially fatal consequences and is not legally responsible.
  6. If you are ordering internationally, you are fully responsible for any legal action when importing our products. While we do our best to ensure we do not ship to flagged countries, international clients are expected to follow due diligence on their part and check local laws before ordering.
  7. In case of customs seizure, we may reship goods or offer a refund to international clients providing the product has not been listed as a scheduled substance in their country.
  8. If you wish to return our products, you have 30 days after receiving the product. You do not need a reason to return the product however; we may request that the unused product be returned to us. If the package has been unopened, you have up to 60 days to return the product to us for a full refund.
  9. Reselling our products or distribution is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a permanent blacklist and potential legal action. We are not responsible or liable for any third party distribution.

Privacy Policy

  1. may collect personal information such as: legal name, address, phone number and email. These details will not be shared with any third party. Customer information may be stored on our website securely as a record of sale and will not be shared or sold to any third party.
  2. Any credit card information we collect is strictly passed to our gateway only. We do not store any cardholder information on our website. All transactions are securely processed via SSL encryption to avoid malicious attempts to hijack information. When passed to the gateway, the information is no longer available to us.
  3. We may ask our customers to join our mailing list. This mailing list is optional and is not shared or sold to any third party or website. We use this information to send out offers, news and information to subscribed customers only. A subscriber can unsubscribe at any time. We will not send spam or any unrelated emails to
  4. If we are suspicious about a certain order, we may hold it and ask for identification before sending the order. This is a security measure only and the identification is not held on file or given to any third party. We also reserve the right to ask what the order is intended to be used for. Further questioning might also be explored.
  5. We may have affiliates linking to our website. Our affiliates are intensely screened to ensure they are not making medical claims or promoting our products for any other reason other than research applications. We are not responsible for the actions of our affiliates and reserve the right to terminate our relationship at any point.